bbc worldwide

These are materials created during a summer internship (June-August) with the BBC Worldwide in New York, NY. The materials largely consisted of graphics used for emails, events, and the office itself.

Pictured is one of three wall graphics created for the Syndication Showcase 2017, a BBC event that took place in October in Atlanta, Georgia. The graphics featured three BBC programs: Life, Death in Paradise, and Still Open All Hours.

Comic Con 2017 Gift Guide

This is an online gift guide created for Comic Con 2017 in San Diego. This guide was used to advertise BBC merchandise online that would be on sale during the upcoming event; it was published on several websites in the weeks leading up to Comic Con.

BBC Recycling Campaign

These are posters that went up inside the BBC New York office to encourage people to adhere to the new recycling rules implemented in many buildings in NYC. These were pasted up adjacent to the corresponding garbage areas in the office.

Posters for fun recycling events and tips were also posted on larger 2x3 ft boards. Even cute stickers were ordered!

Syndication Showcase 2017

These are branding/theme assets of BBC's annual Syndication Showcase, where programs are showcased and sold to PBS and other channels. The assets include RSVP reminders, invitations, confirmation emails, and wall graphics/decorations at the event site.