hack@brown 2017

I joined Hack@Brown in 2017 and became a part of the design team. Together we created the branding and assets for the group as well as the event taking place in February.

Hack@Brown's mission is to create a learning environment that is beginner-friendly. Often times, hackathons are pictured as intimidating; there are myths that people stay up for hours straight chugging redbulls. Hack@Brown is determined to encourage newcomers to learn and experience coding in a fun and engaging way!

Thus, Hack@Brown's branding is one of its key components; the design challenge is to make things look inviting, playful, and inclusive as to encourage beginners.

Website Landing Page

This year our theme was based on simple, colorful geometric shapes. We wanted to emphasize that Hack@Brown makes coding more digestible and easy to start as opposed to being difficult to approach. This year we chose the typeface Apercu.


This was my first experience in real web design. I helped on the registration form that hackers were required to fill out in order to apply.

Facebook Event Banners

One of my main accomplishments was creating these Facebook banners for Hack@Brown events that took place during Hack Week, the week leading up to the Hackathon in early February. These were all created in Adobe Illustrator. These were the most fun to make!


I designed this year's handout which was distributed at the beginning of the event and had all the information about the keynote speaker, sponsors, team members, and extra info (wifi, APIs, etc).


I designed the sweater for this year's Hackathon, using the geometric shapes from our theme.

There were three sweaters: black for the hackers, grey for the team members, and orange for the mentors.

A Successful Weekend

Hack@Brown is an amazing organization that I was blessed to become a part of! It is an extremely uplifting and creative group of friends and family. To see an event take place where hundreds of young adults are learning, collaborating and sharing is truly amazing! Till next year, Hack@Brown.