KVSH chocolate

This project was created for Design for Good at RISD under the instruction of Annalisa Oswald during Wintersession 2018.

KVSH Chocolate is a fictional company that produces THC chocolate and donates its profits to the American Cancer Foundation and helps provide free cannabis products to chemo patients.

My design challenge was to create packaging that was honest and fun.


I began by thinking about my consumer audience and the mood or feeling I wanted my brand to communicate. I wondered what kind of graphic language was appropriate to exhibit this feeling.

I initially created concepts for abstractions of marijuana leaves and the THC molecule and then branched out from the concrete concept into a broader spectrum of design ideas.

Concept Evolution

Next, I ideated in Illustrator. Pictured below are several snapshots of the concept evolution.

I wanted this brand to be completely transparent about what it was about, but for the brand NOT to scream "THIS IS WEED" like how Kiva bars do. This brand is for the discreet stoner who believes in doing good.

Final Packaging

I finalized a packaging design that features bold colors and simple but whimsical pattern work. I emphasized on the idea of brain activity, neurotransmitters and brain waves through the use of scattered symbols and white wavy lines.

To solidify the idea of truth in simplicity, the bottom half is scientific and similar to a periodic table chart; all the information is laid out clean and easy to digest. The final successfully communicates stimulation, playfulness, and flow.

The final packaging was printed on bristol velum and blocks of wood simulated the chocolate inside.